Saturday, March 26, 2005

Fasting for Easter

Well, not exactly. I am fasting though. Just started today. Doing the Master Cleanse fast, which you can read about on the Web. I've done this twice before. The last one was for 10 days. I actually invited about 35 people to do it via evite and I think about 25 ended up doing it. Called it the Mass Master Cleanse.

Anyway, I'm not doing it because of Easter but I should probably tell that to people. In actuality, I'm doing it, largely, for vanity reasons: losing excess weight, clearing up skin, allergies, etc. There's some spiritual benefits too, but of course, I can't really confirm or claim those. But if you want to experience a calm, quiet mind for a while, fasting is a surefire way of getting there. Just ask any monk. They'll do fasts that last for 40 days!

One of my friends is doing the cleanse by herself and -- in addition to doing it for my own reasons -- I thought she could use the company. She started last Tuesday, I think, so this is her 5th day of a 10-day fast. I'm going to do at least 5 days. At least 7 would be ideal, though.

The print job I did went well and I even scored a free pair of dress shoes. Really nice ones, too. I knew they couldn't return worn shoes so I asked for them. I found out about this after doing another print job where they gave me shoes to wear. After it was over, the wardrobe person just said to take them home. I usually score socks and a t-shirt at these as well. Yes, it's the little things that matter most.

Oftentimes, if you wore something expensive like a suit, you can offer to pay a discounted price for it. Once in a rare while, they might even give it to you, especially if they had to tailor the jacket and pants.

I was once at a photo shoot for Dean Cain and the wardrobe stylist gave him everything she brought, including suits he didn't even try on. So, I'm pretty damn tickled about my new shoes.

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