Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Callback

I had a callback yesterday morning for that Safeway commercial. Had to play a baker, which is something I actually have experience doing. I worked in one of those big bread factories in Seattle during the summer break from college. There's more to this story, but I'd rather not go into it right now. Let's just say I suffered a concussion one day and wasted about $10,000 in bad bread on another day.

During the audition, they switched it up and asked if I could spin a pizza in the air. Fortunately (well, depending on how you look at it), I once worked for Dominos Pizza and seen this done before. The trick is that after you spin it in the air, you catch it on the back of your hands, so as not to cause holes in the dough.

This is my third callback in a row. I should be more stoked about this since I haven't really had much luck with commercials in the last two or three years. What am I doing differently lately? I don't know. Lady Luck perhaps? Probably.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Callback on Monday

I have a callback on Monday for a commercial I originally auditioned for about 3 weeks ago. I'd say that's a long time between a 1st and 2nd audition, but oh well, I'll take it.

A couple weekends ago, I hung out with some old friends who were in town for a Chinese concert. My friend's brother is David Wu of Asia TV and film fame, and is otherwise known as Wu Dawei. We made the rounds of restaurants and places to see while catching up on the news in each other's life. David came out, too, a couple times and a few people recognized him at the Beverly Center and wanted to take pictures with him.

I don't relate to Asia very well and don't know how to put David's fame into perspective. When I went to Taipei a few years ago, I met a lot of people while hanging out with my friend and her brother, including Coco Lee and Rick Tan. There were some others but I don't know their names, and like I said, I just don't know the significance of meeting these people. They all just seem like people to me.

And I guess it's sort of like how I met Chin Han, which was just over a year ago at a party. He seemed like an okay fellow, so I invited him to a house party and he showed up. I know that millions of strangers will know his face around this time next year after his movie comes out, but to me, he will always be the guy I met at a party.

Before he got cast in the movie, he once reflected that I seemed to know a lot of people who suddenly became famous, but met them before they were famous. I don't know if that's true, but generally I look at everyone equally and if we have a connection and I respect their talent or their intelligence, I tend to make friends with that person. Plus, I rarely look at people for their outward beauty alone. If they don't have that inner glow, I rarely waste my time on them.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving work early to go to the callback. Fortunately, I already told the supervisor and he's totally cool with it. This should be my last week in the land o' Magic Mountain, and not a week too soon.

I'll be taking a couple weeks off to do my taxes (before the October 15 deadline), finish the last draft of my novel, mail out some invoices, and make some calls to my clients and agents that I'm available for whatever now. Perhaps even a full-time gig, as long as it's not anywhere near Valencia.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bunch of Stuff

Had dinner tonight with Chin Han at the Palm restaurant in downtown L.A. along with my AD friend. Chin Han is back from Chicago where he shot a few scenes with Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale for Batman. He had quite a time and, according to the director, did pretty darn well, especially with the pressure of working with two big-time actors.

After the dinner, I drove home and was getting ready to turn in. Chin Han called and said he wanted to get some coffee somewhere. He picked me up and we went to Canter's, the famous Jewish deli that's open 24 hours. I had a decaf and an apple strudel. He had some sort of waffle dish with ice cream and chocolate fudge.

I can't really go into details about his life right now, but I will say that for most single men his age, life couldn't be more sweet. He really has his pick right now. But I told him that as great as it all sounds, I hardly want that type of life for myself. Sure, it sounds like I'm running for office or something. But let's just say that I've recently made a decision about my life, and if all goes well, I'll soon be very happy.

Tomorrow morning, I have a commercial audition for Safeway as a baker. Earlier today, I had to cut out from work to go to a callback for a Disney commercial. Guess I'm auditioning quite a bit for being "booked out." Wish me luck...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

For Technology Buffs...

It's been around a while, but I just saw it recently.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pretty Nifty

For the last 8 or so years, I've struggled with my weight. Not that I'm especially heavy or anything. I'm just not anywhere near my "comfortable" weight, which ideally is about 150 to 155.

Last summer, about this time, I weighed a whopping 163! And I was working out 2 or 3 times a week! But, alas, I was eating pretty much anything in sight, trying a couple of new restaurants here and there, and going back to my old favorite ones — all in one week!

It was great fun, but it pained me to have to buy new clothes, especially pants, to fit my ever-growing waistline.

Yesterday, I went to Target and bought a few things. Along the way, I found a digital scale that was on sale. Why not? I was curious as to what I've been carrying these last few months since my last diet/fasting cleanse.

At the end of my last cleansing fast, I weighed about 152 and I was pretty happy since it only lasted about 5 days tops. A friend made a comment about her occasional eating program and so I tried out one of the things that was recommended for her.

So this morning, I do my morning deed. Presumably, it's my body's lightest time of day. I got on the scale wearing only my skivvies and what do you know? I weighed 147. What??? I was flabbergasted! I haven't weighed 147 since about 10 years ago. And I haven't been exactly watching my food intake.

In fact, I still eat very heartily and drink the occasional beer, not to mention glass of wine and, uh, Grey Goose tonic/Red Bull.

One-frickin-forty-seven, baby. Tonight, I wanted to check what I weighed after a day of being out in the business world. All I can say is I must've bought a scale that's busted or something, because it read 146.5.

I don't know. I don't think I look especially thin right now. I still have some pockets of flab I'd like to get rid of. But 146.5? Come on, this can't be right.

Well, to all those who know my diet regimen, all I can say is, it's working.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Couple of Stops Before Work

This morning, I'm going to a couple of print auditions before heading into work. I do have to weigh these things. If the pay wasn't good, I'd just say screw it. But the pay on one of the jobs would make my whole month!

Don't know how much longer I'll be able to slip in the occasional audition. But folks at the office understand I have other commitments. One is at All Print Media and the other is at Rodeo Casting. I go to the first casting studio at least once a month for different things.

Last night, I watched Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson. Normally, I'd skip a Will Ferrell flick. But this one seemed like a writer's must-see. And it was, actually. I really enjoyed it, and also remembering two things: One, that you must pursue the passions that make life worth living, even if they may actually seem like a waste of time to most people. And two, endings to a story are just endings. You can change things, often for the better, but sometimes because it feels right, even though it lacks the perfect literary punch.

There's a third thing I'd include, but you'll have to see the movie. You'd get it in an instant.