Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back in Action! Out of Retirement!

Seriously, I'm back in the saddle again! Wasn't really expecting it this soon, but I'm back in the trenches, next to the other aging Asian guys, trying to make a living out of this thing. And, oh, am I ready for it...

Then again... the headshots. OLD! My casting sites, wow, there are now three of them they use regularly. Casting Frontier, LA Casting and Actors Access. These things take forever to set up. But I sent an email to my old agent (Bobby Ball Talent Agency) asking if they were interested in submitting me again. Amazingly, they gave an enthusiastic YES!

Unfortunately, my first commercial agent, Brandon (Brando) Olech, passed away last summer at a fairly young age. He was great. The coolest guy ever. Gave me some of the best advice in the world, and was always encouraging, to say the least. He was representing some rock bands, the last I heard. I'll miss him.

I'm trying to schedule some quick headshots with my photographer buddy, but he hasn't returned my text yet. He likes to do that to me for some reason. Go figure. He's another aging Asian guy.

Well, maybe I can use these old headshots for a while. Just tell the casting agent I'm having a little cold or something.