Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nasal Wash Addiction

This is less gross than you might think. Then again, maybe it's because my old roommate used to wash his nasal passages with a neti pot every day in the kitchen sink. Now that's gross.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oddly Mesmerizing

I don't know the entire story on this, but some Japanese guy attaches electrodes to his face and syncs it with electronic music, at least that's what he decided to do with four of his friends. See their reaction at the end.

I can see this sort of thing catching on at a club, for some reason. Maybe it already has. I haven't been to a club in ages.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Not So Stupid Today

What's amazing about today's Amazing Race is that all the white people are the dumb ones, both intellectually and skillfully. I mean, who doesn't know who Chekhov is? Two attempts at spelling it, tops, and you're done. Do I feel sorry for the deaf kid and his mother? No, because they're not at a disadvantage here. In fact, reading should be his strength. And after he and his mom put a U-Turn on that dating couple? I gotta say they get no sympathy points.

By the way, did you see the Chevy Traverse commercial that aired during the show? The one where the little girl points her finger, just to the left of Howie Long's crotch, and says, "That's a big girl car!" Ah, heck, I'll post it.

Was the intent here to be viral? I gotta wonder. Otherwise, it's just sick, and I guess that makes me sick for catching it.

Back to Amazing Race. This one, the Asians were on their best behavior, and they finished well above last place. Education, that great equalizer, put them back in the race, and good behavior kept them from falling out of it.

So, yeah, my people made me proud. Today, at least. ;)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stupid Asian People

Watching The Amazing Race in utter amazement. I love this show, by the way. They pick some interesting participants. Last season featured a mother and her son, two annoying frat brothers, two blonde bimbos, and an older husband and wife who were separated. The mother and son were great in how supportive and patient they were to each other, while the frat boys got more irritating each show, culminating with the most ridiculous military training attempt in history.

This season features an Asian brother and sister who are also lawyers. Clearly Americanized, they appear either Vietnamese or Chinese. As I watch, the Asian guy, Victor, is insisting on continuing to go up the wrong path and follow the wrong signs. "I think we would be making a serious mistake if we don't continue on this path," he says. Meanwhile, his sister, Tammy, is being as patient and mature as she can, and finally just relents, "Okay, Victor, let's keep doing it your way."

Unfortunately, we get to see this team another week as they finished second to last place.

In other news, I went to my writing class, "Movies & Memoir," on Saturday and went through some short 6-minute writing exercises. Afterward, we all read our work and get some comments by the teacher and, later, by the other class attendees.

I had some resistance to going to this class, but only because I've had some bad experiences in the past with going to writing classes. I realize now it's probably because those classes were taught by Asians. I know that's a big statement, but I'm standing behind it.

First of all, if you take a class and see an Asian female playwright named Judy Soohoo, get the hell out of the class. I suspected she had "borrowed" from my work, but when I later interviewed her for a news article on a play she was debuting for a new theatre company, she admitted to borrowing heavily from more famous playwrights, both living and dead. Apparently, she is in the habit of doing this, and it doesn't matter if you've published your work or not. There's just too much of this kind of "borrowing" going around in the publishing world to walk into a class and just give it away to someone who admits to using others for inspiration.

The class I went to on Saturday was filled with white folks, including both instructors in the program. They find terms such as katas and samurai to be exotic, which makes me smile. They are also very good when it comes to analyzing the work.

In regards to my earlier statement on Asian instructors, I also don't recommend going to a class where the instructor says that you "flush" out your work and its characters. You don't flush those things out unless you got shit for brains or are writing about shit.

One last note before I head down to the gym. I got a reuse/holding fee for the commercial I did back in October of 1997. In fact, I'll be getting another in a week or so as it seems the previous reuse/holding check got lost in the mail. I called my old agency and they confirmed there was an outstanding check mailed to me.

So, anyway, at least I'm still in the game. Hardly, but I'll take what I can get. Cheers!