Monday, March 28, 2005

Day Something or Another

I'm not sure what day it is of my fast. Third day? That's probably it. The mind gets a little fuzzy while fasting. On top of that, I've been seeing an increased demand on my freelancing services. So, I have a fuzzy mind AND I'm working. Interesting combination.

Went on a hike yesterday in the Hollywood Hills with a friend and she thinks she saw Cameron Diaz in a hat and sunglasses. I said it was probably her, since she is known to take that hike on occasion. But apparently this potential Ms. Diaz was holding hands with someone other than Justin Timberlake. I didn't see them, so I can't say for sure. Anyway, I'd rather not turn this into some Hollywood rumor site.

Today, while doing a freelance gig, an office manager asked if I was looking for full-time work. Because my mind was fuzzy, I immediately said I was only looking for piecemeal kinds of work. What an idiot!! I should've been more professional with my response and had her look at my resume before making any inquiries. Then, if she likes me, she could make me a fair offer.

Also, my freelance agent is trying to hook me up with a contract job that would last for 6 months. If that happens, I'll be starting next week. Man, things can change just like that.

I guess it would be good to start working a real job again. I could use a new car. Plus, I've finished my manuscript and I just want to relax from the creative stuff for a while. I could probably still do the occasional commercial or print job too, so there'd be little compromise.

Okay, this is just not happening. My brain feels fried. No, that's not the word. What's the word? Okay, fuzzy. I'll stick with that one.

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