Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clearing the Dust

It's been a while since I've posted here. Call it laziness and ennui (with the site and the topic, hence my life). It's been so long since I've auditioned for anything that I think it's useless to keep writing about it.

But then there's this... I've decided to explore fiction writing again. In fact, I signed up for my first writing class since, like, forever!

I don't know what inspiration is left in the well, to be frank. But perhaps I'll blog about what it means for me to be a struggling Asian writer in Hollywood. (Boy, sounds fun already!)

I suppose I'll mention the many bottles of wine I've been uncorking for ideas. Just hope the genies will be gentle at first. I've got a lot of rust to shake off.

In regards to the wine, I'll recommend one of my latest inspirations. Montepulciano. It's a deeply purple red wine with very few tannins that goes great with burgers and such. You can try one at Blue Dahlia for about $7 a glass. They serve what I think is a 2007 Farnese. But for a real treat, go out to your nearest wine store and locate a bottle of 2005 Kurni.

OK, happy 2009 everyone, and happy year of the ox to everyone else. ;)