Friday, April 22, 2005


This is just getting silly. This morning, I got a call on my pager, then apparently a call on my home phone (I had already left the apt.), and then finally a call on my cell phone. It seems a company is finally calling me after a year of submitting my resume for freelance work.

So, this is the really silly part. I'm actually working for the company's direct competitor this week, and possibly the next four months. I was going to mention something about it. But then she mentions that the work is all out-of-office type of work, meaning I can either pick it up or they can messenger the work to me, whichever is more convenient.

So, of course, I kept my mouth shut and told her I was interested. Please give me your assessment test.

I can look at this several ways. One, it's unethical and downright dirty. Two, it's unethical, but as long as no one knows, it won't hurt anyone. Three, as long as I'm not asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, I won't have to worry about ethics, and therefore working for both clients can actually HELP me do both jobs better. Hmmm....

Now, I really don't need extra conflict-generating angst. Got enough of that already. But the idea that I may be working nonstop for the next 4-6 months really appeals to me for some reason. Guess it's time to get off my lazy ass and join the workforce.

Oh, I also got accepted to the Level 2 workshop for Cold Tofu. So, I'll probably join that too, since the first level was so productive and enjoyable. Don't quite know yet how I'd juggle everything around, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. Just hope I don't unexpectedly find a girlfriend or suddenly get hitched. That could screw things up a bit.

That leaves the only unknown variable and that's the acting career. As it is, it's been pretty manageable, even when I was working a regular day job. So, we'll just see how it pans out and if there's any conflicts. I pride myself on being a responsible person. I hope to keep that reputation. And who knows? Maybe they'll let me come in off-hours when I can't be in the office during the day.

Oh-oh, there I go again, thinking the world revolves around me. Fricking artists, eh?

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