Saturday, April 16, 2005

Debuting Tonight . . . Me!

The Cold Tofu improv troupe is doing their regular monthly gig tonight. Yes, it comes once a month, not unlike other things. (Sorry, I usually hold myself back, but I'm kinda excited about this.) And tonight, I get to do my Cold Tofu debut, albeit with the prefacing statement: "These are our Level 1 guys." So, let's hope there will be much generosity and sympathy displayed by the audience's hand-clappers.

I'm doing an extra carbo-brain-load right now, eating vegetables, pasta and chicken. Later, I'll have an orange and perhaps an apple chopped into some organic yogurt. Then I'll finish that up by taking some gingko pills and maybe even some orange juice, fresh-squeezed of course.

Yes, I'm going overboard. After all, it's only one little skit that'll be over in less than 5 minutes. But let me tell you, 5 naked minutes, without a script in hand, can seem like an eternity. I just want to make sure my brain doesn't starve from malnutrition.

Among other news, I had a few print auditions lately. It seems a lot of computer companies want Asian I.T. guys for their ads. Go figure, huh? Wonder where they got THAT stereotype? Oh, it's real.

And I also had the fortune of auditioning for a commercial that involved another stereotype: martial arts. Well, yes, I do know some martial arts, so I guess that's not really a stereotype either, is it? I'm not very good, and actually I haven't trained in a few years. But I like to think I still have the flexibility and speed to fake it! I didn't really choreograph a routine, so I just proceeded to do a back fist, followed by a short hook, then a spinning flying kick, and ending with a heel kick.

Doing the fasting this past month also has made me look lean and mean. If I avoid eating solids for a couple days, I can almost look like I have a four-pack.

Sorry, once again, for the forced humor. I'm just trying not to censor myself. That happens way too much when you're a practicing writer, editor and proofreader. Doesn't always work for wannabe improv artists.

Oh, one other note about that last audition. I got a call from my commercial agent, who usually just informs me of bookings and unexpected money coming my way. He's a great guy and I look forward to hearing his voice, for obvious reasons. Well, he just wanted to make sure I went to the audition, since the casting director made a special call to my agent about me. It seems she thinks I have the look they're after. I know I haven't posted any pictures for you, so you'll have to use your imagination. But I'll let you know if I should book this one. I'm due for a good booking, anyway.

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