Sunday, April 24, 2005

Random Hungover Musings

I drank too many vodka-Red Bulls last night. Oh, I must've puked about ten times. And to think I was planning to take it easy this weekend in preparation for tomorrow's shoot. My call time is 7:30 am and I have to drive down to Long Beach, which is an hour away in heavy traffic. Hopefully, at 6:30, traffic will be light. I wouldn't know such things. I'm rarely on the road at that time.

Man, what a night, last night. I left the club at 5:30 this morning and slept most of the day. I remember being so wasted I fell on the floor on my way to the bathroom. I don't think I've ever fell down from being drunk before. What the hell was in my drinks? I only had about 4 of them. When I got the chance to sober up a bit, I was dancing back where my friends were sitting. To my right, on the couch, was an Asian couple just madly making out. Probably on E. Then I started to feel something touch my ass. At first, I thought it was just people passing behind me. But then it started to feel more like a foot, and this foot was like rubbing up and down my right butt cheek. I turned around and it was the girl who was making out on the couch with the guy. The weird thing, though, is I hardly even reacted. In fact, I just kept dancing and letting the girl play with my ass with her foot. That went on for a while. Then all of a sudden, nothing. I turned around and the couple was gone.

I just got done watching this samurai trilogy starring Toshiro Mifune. Man, that dude is cool. He was playing the role of Miyamoto Musashi, one of my heroes. I wish there was a new movie on Musashi, but I doubt there's anyone who could fill Mifune or Musashi's shoes. That guy would have to have one helluva presence.

There's a pretty awesome movie called Twilight Samurai. It stars one of the actors who was in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. Oh, by the way, I cried while watching that movie. Not sure why. I seem to get emotional at the oddest of things. But the Japanese woman who takes care of Mr. Cruise just had an incredible ability to emote in a deep-down yet subtle way. I also cried while watching June Kuramoto of the jazz group Hiroshima when she played a solo on the koto. Anyway, enough about my crying.

Twilight Samurai is about this poor widower who has to take care of his family on a meager salary. He never goes out with co-workers and they make fun of him because of that. That all changes, of course, when they find out he's a true samurai, a master of the short sword. Which is perfect, because he has to fight someone who is holed up inside of a house. I think the one thing Japanese are innately good at is subtlety and understatement. Probably because we hold so many things in.

I like to describe the different Asian women like this: If you tell your Chinese girlfriend you're going out with friends, she'll make a dramatic scene of it and throw a fit. Now if your girlfriend is Japanese, she won't say anything and just keep it to herself, but you might feel it later. But if your girlfriend is Korean, she'll say, "You're going out? Okay, I'm going out too." If any of these girls are Americanized, and this goes for white women too, they'll likely say something like, "Why don't we sit down and discuss this?" Oh, someone wondered about Vietnamese women, and I don't really know for sure, but I think it's something like, "Oh, can I come too?"

It's a full moon tonight, I believe. I haven't been outside all day. Boy, what a waste of a day. Well, at least I got to watch some good movies.

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