Saturday, February 26, 2005

What a Mind Blower

If the brain is a muscle, I think I just did a thousand pushups, one-armed, clapping. Huh?

Anyway, I had my first Cold Tofu workshop and, wow, I give those improv guys some serious props. Turns out that Aaron isn't a beginner. He's been at this improv thing for about 9 years now. My bad for getting the information wrong.

(Sorry for the outdated street lingo. I'm just in one of those moods right now. I'll soon shake it. It's just I'm having, well, a funky time with women right now. And well, I'm not gonna talk about it. So, if you detect the subtext, that's where it's coming from.)

I don't know if I'm good at improv, but I sure had a blast. My brain can start to slow when I'm down on blood sugar, so I carbo-loaded just before the class. And I continued to drink some Smart Water throughout. Purple is my favorite. We did various exercises, some of which I'm familiar with. Basic Improv 101 stuff. But the scary part is you're in a room full of strangers doing this stuff. That's some intimacy, right there. One of the participants is a former Nisei Week queen and another one is on the current court. Both are pretty easy on the eyes. There was one chick there, though. Pretty to look at, painful to work with, excruciating to listen to. I'm betting she drops the class. If not, it's gonna be a helluva time for the instructors.

I also had a rough brain week due to the freelance client I took on. I just don't know if this one is gonna last. Too much work for way too little dough. But I am learning something about microbiology and microimmunology, if that counts for something. On Friday, though, I had to explain what nucleic acids were. Nucleic acids? I'm just a dumb actor!!

Today, I filmed a short flashback scene for an indie film I've been working on for the last 18 months. It's one of those things where the filmmaker works a day job, so he tries to get things done on weekends. It's difficult to do, but at least he's doing it. We put on some army clothes and played soldiers in a sandbox at the park against a green screen. Afterward, he gives me a DVD to take home. It's got all the stuff we've already shot. Pretty cool, man. That's how you get an audition reel.

I had a very slow week, audition-wise. I think I went to one or two print auds, though. The last one was on Thursday, the day after the improv class. Even though it was just a print aud, I felt a little more alive in front of the camera. Funny how a class can do that.

Well, tonight I'm gonna work the brain in a different way. I'll probably lose a bunch of brain cells in the process. Just gotta let go of this funk I'm in.

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