Sunday, February 20, 2005

Acting Class

The last time I took a real acting class was in college and that was, well, a long, long time ago. People ask if I study and I say that I'm too lazy to study. (See my profile about this.) Well, it looks like my lazy days are over....

Last Wednesday, I went to a free performance by Cold Tofu, one of the oldest improv groups in L.A., and decided to enroll in their Level I workshop starting this coming Wednesday. It's an 8-week course and costs $240. As acting classes go, this is a relative bargain.

What inspired me most to take this class was that I knew one of the main performers, Aaron Takahashi, who happens to be teaching the class. I worked with Aaron last year on a low-budget movie and he was one of the film's very dedicated, but uncredited, extras. After seeing him perform, I know that his days as an extra are over. This guy has SKILLS. Plus, he's just naturally funny. You look at him and you smile or laugh. That's a gift or talent that you just can't learn.

Anyway, taking a class is something I've needed to do for a long time. I'll let you know how it goes.

On other fronts, I just scored a new freelance client. This one allows me to work from home on an independent contractor basis (they don't take any taxes out). So, it looks like the pressure from lack of unemployment income has pushed me to be productive after all.

As I said, it looks like my lazy days are over.

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