Thursday, February 17, 2005


Oh, forgot to mention I had a pretty busy week so far with auditioning. Yesterday, had two print auditions and the day before had a commercial casting for, which happened at a place called Westside Casting.

At the commercial casting, I went in with a good-looking happa (half Asian) girl. The unusual thing is, the casting guy proceeds to do several rehearsals off-camera with us, saying, "I want you guys to get this right before we shoot it." This was highly unusual for a first-round casting, but a bit encouraging, since he's almost saying, "I think you guys can book this, so let's make this a good one." Afterward, the guy admonishes me to NEVER wear the shirt I was wearing because it had half white and half blue, making my face too dark due to the automatically adjusting iris of the camera lens.

First off, there are many ways to respond to this type of advice. Often, an actor will brush it off as criticism and want to tell the guy to go fly a kite. (Well, something like that.) But I've been reading a lot of samurai books lately and I believe I responded correctly and with immediacy: "Thank you very much for the advice."

In this business, professionalism counts about as much as good acting.

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