Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Clean Shaven

Oftentimes, I get a casting description for "clean-shaven." Such as tomorrow, I have a print audition at Castaways and they want me in business attire and clean-shaven. If you've met me, you know that even when I shave, I look like I haven't shaved.

This is one of those things that has really screwed with me for a long time. I go to auditions all the time and people wonder if I've shaved. Even when I book jobs, they wonder if I've shaved. I mean, didn't you see me in the audition? I don't look clean-shaven!! I have a permanent 5 o'clock shadow!! And, it gets even worse at 5 o'clock!

Over the years (and we're talking since high school here), I've tried various methods of covering it up. Generally, I'll use some sort of beard cover or cover-up makeup. Then I'll blend it in with some kind of powder. Truthfully, it's embarrassing that I have to wear makeup, just to look normal. That's right. I'm just trying to look like I've shaved!

So tomorrow, I'm going to get up a little early, shave, and apply some makeup to my permanent 5 o'clock shadow. Then I'm going to work, hang out for a few hours, then run to my auditions. Oh, I have a commercial audition as well. This one's in Santa Monica.

Anyway, some day, I hope that there gets to be this huge demand for guys like me. A guy who has to wear makeup, just to look normal!

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