Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rest for the Weary

I finally had a couple of days of rest, which to me means that I just worked my regular 8-hour work day and went home and watched TV.

It's pretty telling when you point the remote at the TV and find out it hasn't been plugged in since you moved the furniture, oh, about two months ago.

I think I watched some sports. But I can't remember if it was baseball or basketball.

By habit, I turned on my laptop and saw that I had to write up 3 invoices for the work I've done. This is something I've improved vastly in the last 5 years, but can still improve upon VASTLY. It's not like I don't want to get paid. I just don't want to figure out how many hours I worked. Because that takes work!

I had an audition this morning at 10:20 for a print job. It was by my place, so I went to work a little late. Tomorrow, I have a meeting for another freelance gig writing content for a website. Then after that, I have an audition at 2:25 in Venice for another print job. I swear, I am the print job king right now.

Oh, I did the Disney thing last week, and it turns out it was actually at Disneyland. I must've rode the Splash Mountain ride 14 frickin' times! Well, I DID ride it 14 frickin' times. In fact, I have a bruised tailbone to show for it. It's hurting right now, if you must know.

Last night, I went to my regular Tuesday night outing on La Brea and the twin Chinese girls from the movie Big Fish were there. I finally got to chat with them, although I've met them several times before. As often as I've seen them, they still look exotic as ever to me. (Must be that male fantasy thing about being with twins or something.)

Tonight, I'm expecting my first Netflix movie to arrive. Just started a subscription the other day. For my first film, I decided it should be intellectually stimulating yet relaxing and enjoyable. I can't wait. It's "The History of Violence."

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