Friday, May 12, 2006

So, It WAS One of Those Dreams

I think it was last week when I began writing a little post about having another shit dream. But the problem was, I wasn't sure if it was a shit dream. And usually, my shit dreams get realized right away, within days. This one took a while. And no, I'll hold off on the bad puns.

So the other day, I went on a print audition for Disney. Pays pretty damn good for a print job. AND, the audition was at the same place I've had those Nokia print auditions that I never booked but always got close to booking. So, I guess I broke my losing streak there.

The funny thing was, during the audition, a woman (who I think was the casting director) came up beside me and put her arm around me. Without explanation, we started to do some couples shots. You know, LOVING couples shots. Well, not THAT loving, but loving enough. It was meant to be spontaneous love, I suppose, because I had no idea we were about to do that.

After it was over, I turned to the photographer and said, "Uh, I don't mind doing that again." To which the woman turned to me and smiled. Guess I still got a little bit of charm left in me.

Anyway, I didn't post that little shit dream post...until today. Because now, I'm sure I had one--after the fact.

They gave me a week notice, so it looks like I'll have to take the day off from work. But I doubt that will be a big problem.

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