Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pretty Nifty

For the last 8 or so years, I've struggled with my weight. Not that I'm especially heavy or anything. I'm just not anywhere near my "comfortable" weight, which ideally is about 150 to 155.

Last summer, about this time, I weighed a whopping 163! And I was working out 2 or 3 times a week! But, alas, I was eating pretty much anything in sight, trying a couple of new restaurants here and there, and going back to my old favorite ones — all in one week!

It was great fun, but it pained me to have to buy new clothes, especially pants, to fit my ever-growing waistline.

Yesterday, I went to Target and bought a few things. Along the way, I found a digital scale that was on sale. Why not? I was curious as to what I've been carrying these last few months since my last diet/fasting cleanse.

At the end of my last cleansing fast, I weighed about 152 and I was pretty happy since it only lasted about 5 days tops. A friend made a comment about her occasional eating program and so I tried out one of the things that was recommended for her.

So this morning, I do my morning deed. Presumably, it's my body's lightest time of day. I got on the scale wearing only my skivvies and what do you know? I weighed 147. What??? I was flabbergasted! I haven't weighed 147 since about 10 years ago. And I haven't been exactly watching my food intake.

In fact, I still eat very heartily and drink the occasional beer, not to mention glass of wine and, uh, Grey Goose tonic/Red Bull.

One-frickin-forty-seven, baby. Tonight, I wanted to check what I weighed after a day of being out in the business world. All I can say is I must've bought a scale that's busted or something, because it read 146.5.

I don't know. I don't think I look especially thin right now. I still have some pockets of flab I'd like to get rid of. But 146.5? Come on, this can't be right.

Well, to all those who know my diet regimen, all I can say is, it's working.

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