Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bunch of Stuff

Had dinner tonight with Chin Han at the Palm restaurant in downtown L.A. along with my AD friend. Chin Han is back from Chicago where he shot a few scenes with Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale for Batman. He had quite a time and, according to the director, did pretty darn well, especially with the pressure of working with two big-time actors.

After the dinner, I drove home and was getting ready to turn in. Chin Han called and said he wanted to get some coffee somewhere. He picked me up and we went to Canter's, the famous Jewish deli that's open 24 hours. I had a decaf and an apple strudel. He had some sort of waffle dish with ice cream and chocolate fudge.

I can't really go into details about his life right now, but I will say that for most single men his age, life couldn't be more sweet. He really has his pick right now. But I told him that as great as it all sounds, I hardly want that type of life for myself. Sure, it sounds like I'm running for office or something. But let's just say that I've recently made a decision about my life, and if all goes well, I'll soon be very happy.

Tomorrow morning, I have a commercial audition for Safeway as a baker. Earlier today, I had to cut out from work to go to a callback for a Disney commercial. Guess I'm auditioning quite a bit for being "booked out." Wish me luck...

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