Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Second Callback Tomorrow

I had a callback for that theatrical casting this morning. I got there exactly on time and went in and did my thing without a hitch. It must've been a decent read because they called me right away (well, an hour or so later) and asked me to come in for a second callback tomorrow evening.

But here's the catch. They said I'd have to go "core." I won't spell it out because it seems SAG is looking out for folks on the Web who are talking up this status. For the record, for all you "core haters" out there, I highly doubt I'll be doing much of any kind of theatrical acting in the future, so you can forget about me being an active union buster.

I just finished reading through some websites about going core. Sounds simple enough. The folks at SAG do try to steer you away from it, though, and for many good reasons. In fact, they "scare" you into not doing it with their various scare tactics.

Me? I'm just a schmuck who's out of work for the moment and in need of some paying work. I don't care to do a bunch of non-paying non-union films or reality TV, either. And no, I don't bus tables or care to be a fricking waiter. That's for bigger schmucks than me.

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