Friday, March 16, 2007

Leonidas Chocolate Cafe

I'm in old town Pasadena right now, hanging out at the cafe across the street from the Apple store. It was absolutely dead inside when I arrived, but now there seems to be a steady flow of folks getting coffee and "if it's your first time here, your first chocolate is free." Tell them the Asian guy sent you.

Chocolate is pretty damn divine here, and there's an intermittent wi-fi signal from the Apple store that I can tap into from my iBook.

It's just beautiful outside right now, sunny and 70 degrees. People are just strolling by in their summer dresses and sleeveless tops. I'm inside the window, but I'm doing all the window shopping. The interesting part is, most people can't see me inside because of the tint on the window.

Until they get up close, that is. Then they stop picking their noses.

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