Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Job, Too

In addition to stopping the improv classes, I took on a new job at an ad agency. It's one that I've been freelancing with for the past 6 or 7 years, so I'm familiar with most of the folks I work with. Still, it's been tough these past 12 months. I've been going to new offices, learning new rules, remembering new names. And I HATE remembering new names. So, I have my work cut out for me once again. And I'm not even talking about my job responsibilities yet!

The other day, I helped cast a print job by inviting about 5 of my friends. They were looking for a specific type, not too model-like, but nice enough you could buy a product from. I guess that's my description, too. Except I'm a little too old for the job. (They told me so, in so many words.)

Not to worry, though. I've been going through some crazy castings myself lately. Almost all of it has been for print jobs for computer or tech stuff. Don't know if I'm being typecast as the IT guy. "It" guy wouldn't be so bad, but why IT guy? Probably means I'm not model-like, and borderline nerdy.

Once again, I'm on avail for a pretty big job. This one for Microsoft. By "big" I mean it pays decent bucks.

Tomorrow, I have another print audition. I think it's my 12th one this year, which is unusually busy for me.

My latest dilemma is that I think my hair is getting thinner. You wouldn't believe how much stress this brings me, which probably causes me to lose MORE hair.

Since I've taken on the new job, I thought I would have more free time. After all, these guys are no longer my freelance clients. But there's something to be said about "emptying your cup." It seems I'm busier than ever with the freelancing. I'm getting calls from people I've met only once, and that was years ago.

Don't know about the void being left from leaving Cold Tofu yet. I do want to take another class. But I feel I could really use the time to work on myself. Well, that and my hair. Hmm, I wonder if my health insurance covers Rogaine?

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