Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First S**t Dream of 2007

The other night, I had another one of my famous shit dreams. As usual, I woke up not really certain it was a shit dream. But sure enough, later that day, I got a call that I had booked a print job for some investment services company.

But here's the interesting thing: Shit dreams are usually symbolic of royal payoffs. This particular print job doesn't pay more than my usual day rate. It's hardly worth dreaming about. But there's a reason for the discrepancy. Before being confirmed for the job, I was told by my agent that there may be an "exclusivity" clause added to the rate. And this exclusivity rate would make this particular print job my biggest-paying one ever!

Let me put it this way. The day rate I mentioned? Well, the commission I'd pay to my agent for the exclusivity rate would be almost double my entire day rate.

That's a shit dream payoff, my friends.


K said...

This is what this site had to say about shit dreams:

For many people, the feces have been a portend of good fortune or wealth. This may include the actual conveyance of wealth or the desire for such a "find." In either case, the interpretation reverts back to Freud's own feelings that the feces were perceived by the infant as being something they created and therefore something valuable. The true surprise would be if an adult person awoke from a feces dream feeling particularly at ease with a sense of well-being.

Interesting! And congrats on your shit dreams.

LT Goto said...

Interesting dream dictionary. Thanks for the link!

By the way, in my shit dreams, I am actually performing the act. Sorry if that's too much information. ;)