Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dustin Nguyen

Most folks who grew up during the '80s will remember the Asian dude on "21 Jump Street." No, I'm not talking about Johnny Depp, who isn't, as far as I'm informed, Asian or French Vietnamese, despite the similarities to the name, Diep.

Dustin Nguyen (pronounced "when") has been a working actor for a long fricking time, and I've met him on at least 3 occasions. The first time was at a house party in the Hollywood hills. The other times were at events. Each time we've met, he's done this limp hand thing with his fingertips.

For some of you, that might mean he doesn't have a firm handshake. But for those who grew up in the Disco era of the '70s, that most surely means you're gay. In fact, it was a signal, much more reliable than the earring in the left or right ear (depending on which coast you're from).

So Dustin gives me this limp handshake each time, and each time I'm thinking, he certainly seems like he could be gay, especially with his skin-tight Versace leopard-skin jeans, but I think he's faking it. In fact, I know he's faking it. Why he's faking it with me, well, that's something I need to ponder further. But the absolute fact is, he's married and is happily straight. But, I suppose, gaily social.

Same thing must be said for Russell Wong, that actor of notable fame. I've met him several times and have always concluded he's faking his gayness. For one, I know he's had a few children in his lifetime with different women. He's also recently married.

So does this mean I have gaydar? I think it means it takes a straight guy to know another straight guy isn't gay. Well, something like that.

Anyway, both of those guys will be going (separately, of course) to a party in a couple weeks that I am also attending. I'll see if the act remains.

Then again, it may just be me who's noticing.

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