Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another S**t Dream

Did I mention I love shit dreams? I mentioned I had one to my girlfriend last week and she said some people have dreams of stepping in shit. Me? I have dreams of actually shitting, usually on a toilet.

It's a weird dream, because when you wake up, you sort of check yourself to see if you actually did it while you were sleeping. Generally, it's not the case, so then you wake up, remember you had the shit dream, and then you're all smiles. Why? Because shit dreams equal a serious windfall in cash. No question about it. Every time I've had one, I've been delivered a suitcase of it.

Last Friday, I had an audition for a commercial. It was for HSBC Bank, and it turns out I was there for the 2nd round of interviews, even though it was my first. Truthfully, I didn't think anything of it. I was playing a dad who plays a violent video game while his son goes outside and does the real thing on the street. Then he comes back home and I'm still playing the game.

Turns out, I got a callback for it on Tuesday. It was during the afternoon, so I used the excuse of "going out to vote" to get out from work early. Worked like a charm, that one.

There were 3 other fathers there, and 3 boys to play their sons. My son hadn't showed up yet. In fact, he was already an hour late, and I had to plug in some extra quarters in my meter.

To make this short, I know I had a pretty good callback audition, but I don't know how they thought of the kid. Personally, I didn't think he was into it. Just sort of half-assing the action. And I'm sure the folks in the casting room thought so too.

Then again, I'm also trying to give myself some excuse for not getting the commercial. (It's supposed to shoot tomorrow, fyi.)

But what about that shit dream?

Yeah... what about it?

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