Thursday, November 02, 2006

School Teacher Slash Actor

I went to a print aud the other day at Cole Studios. This was a Danny Goldman casting and if you know anything about casting, you've probably visited this office a few times in your life. I booked only one job here and it was for a national commercial for Kyocera. It aired and aired and aired. Unfortunately, it was before I joined SAG, so yeah, it was non-union.

Anyway, I ran into a few people I knew at the print aud. One guy was someone I'm sure I mentioned before here. I used to sublet a house from him about 12 years ago. Man, that was a long time ago. He told me he has a 37-year-old daughter. That's just a few years younger than me. I guess that means he's old enough to be my dad!

Well, this guy then went on to say he's a school teacher and that his principal has called him 3 times. Apparently, he was supposed to be teaching a class at that hour and, not only that, he was due to administer a test that day.

So I'm thinking, "Man, that's f'd up! If he was my teacher, I wouldn't appreciate him going out on auditions when he supposed to be an example for us students." Well, something like that.

But then I started thinking about the character, or lack thereof, of actors in general, and you know what? They're selfish, flaky assholes who only care a rat's ass about their own well being.

There, I said it. Cat's out of the bag. I feel much better, getting that off my chest.

Now, if only I can be less of a selfish, flaky asshole....

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