Saturday, April 15, 2006

One of Those Weeks Again

I'm going out of town again to Austin, Texas. Wish I could spend more time there and look at the real estate. Not that I could afford anything just yet. But it wouldn't hurt to look.

Today, I had two auditions, both of them same-day appointments, meaning they call you that day and want you to go audition, wearing whatever clothes you happen to be wearing.

Fortunately, I was wearing something that fit both auditions: a pair of beige slacks and a short-sleeve polo.

The first one was for T-Mobile. If you recall, I've had a few auditions for them before. Apparently, they requested me for this one. Not sure why. But I guess I'll take whatever compliment I can squeeze out of that one.

For some reason, I was the only Asian guy there, among a bunch of white and black guys all going for the same role. It happens like this for me a lot. But I've never booked any of them. Yeah, sometimes I wonder why I bother with it.

Regardless, I think I had a good audition. I was pretty loose. And this reminds me that I had another audition just the other day for a Verizon commercial. Yes, they are competitors. But that ain't the half of it. I shouldn't mention it here, per my rule about not talking about my current job, but one of my company's clients just happens to be another competitor in the telecom market. Oh well. They're not hiring me.

On Monday, I'm flying out to Austin from the John Wayne Airport. I usually fly from Burbank or LAX, but I have a meeting in the OC on Tuesday night when I fly back in. So, out of convenience, I booked it down there.

Just before I drive down there, though, I have another commercial audition in the morning. I don't know who it's for, but it's a national network spot. Sometimes, I get auditions for companies that don't want to disclose their information over the Breakdowns.

Well, sorry if this is a little dry. I'm just having one of those crazy weeks again.

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