Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Already?

Can't believe it's Friday already. I spent 3 days in Austin, but I spent about 15 hours in planes and airports. Usually, I stay at this quaint old hotel called the Driskill. But it's been hit or miss. This last stay was a real miss. I swear, they must've put me in the room they reserve for employees. They told me the place was fully booked, so I couldn't book an extra day, which it turns out I needed to.

The next morning, I started to take a shower and realized they didn't give me any shampoo. I ordered a breakfast of coffee and oatmeal, which was fine, but that's because I paid for it, along with the mandatory 18% gratuity. But dangit, they didn't deliver my newspaper. It was my 3rd stay there in 3 months. They even ask you, "Do you want your newspaper?" So much for Southern hospitality.

Because they couldn't book my extra day, I had to book a room at the Radisson. It was a last-minute booking, but the room was just what you expect in a hotel. It didn't come with free Internet like Driskill, but I found a wi-fi signal in the area.

Yesterday, I took calls for more freelance work again. I told someone about my freelance career. First couple years are tough. You have one really difficult year. Then things pick up and you get the hang of freelancing and start to make a decent living. Then one of your clients hires you full-time permanent.

Haven't heard anything from the commercial auditions I had last week. All of them were for national network TV. Nothing on the print auditions either.

Tomorrow night, I'm performing in one of those murder mystery dinner things. I'm playing a detective. I was supposed to do a CSI-like character but I don't think they make good comedy. So, I'm doing one of my characters. Actually, I'm combining two of my characters. All I can say is, imagine Bruce Lee as a horndog. The dialogue is mostly improvved, so I plan to ask all the suspects some personal information. You know, like bra and penis size.

That oughta make for good dinner conversation.

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