Tuesday, July 26, 2005

All-Expense-Paid Trip to the Bahamas

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie folks have been trying to get a bunch of Asian actors and extras for their next movie. This has been going on for a while now, ever since last December when they did a major call. In May, they did an open casting for actors, which I didn't go to.

Well, on July 30, they'll be looking for more extras of the pirate and townspeople variety. They want character types, of course, which means the uglier the better. So, I've decided that I could use an all-expense-paid trip to the Bahamas -- apparently, that's where they're shooting -- so I'm now growing facial hair around my mouth. I know that this would be a good time to utilize the photo image capabilities of this blog, but I don't have a bluetooth connection right now. So, no photo.

Meanwhile, people at work are wondering why the sudden change in appearance. But they haven't asked, so I'm not telling. Actually, I'd like to keep it for a while. Guess I'm growing tired of seeing the same ol' face in the mirror all these years and could use a break.

The funny thing is, I've noticed that much of my facial hair is of the "salt" type, as in salt and pepper. Man, am I getting old or what!

It's kinda fun playing make-believe at such a ripe old age. I think Johnny Depp has it pretty good. Speaking of whom, I just saw Willie Wonka, er, uh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The story was pretty true to the original except for some tweaks here and there. And, of course, no Gene Wilder. Just Depp in an almost Chaplin-esque turn as Willie Wonka.

People have been comparing Depp's version to Michael Jackson, but really, there's no resemblance except for the skin color.

The one thing I have to say that I'm disappointed with is that Willie didn't sing some updated version of "Pure Imagination," which I think was one of the major pivotal character revealers in the original. And it's a great sentimental tune as well. Actually, I don't remember Depp singing at all, but I could be wrong since I did go to the bathroom about halfway through it. (I had this idea to drink 2 beers before the movie for a more "tipsier" experience. Unfortunately, I have a small bladder.)

Anyway, I hope to have the luxury of being able to discuss this movie with Mr. Depp, if I get the chance to vacation, er, uh, work as an extra in the Bahamas. Of course, as an extra, you get the farm animal treatment. Yup, they literally herd you around, from costume changes to the waiting area (often a folding chair outside) to eating from the dining car.

I've been an extra on several occasions and I decided I was through with it a long time ago. It's good to do those in the beginning, but it's better not to make a habit or practice of it, unless you're doing it for financial reasons. Or, in my case, to take a cheap vacation.

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HeavyD said...

You have to post a pic so I can see what you look like w/ facial hair! My Dad's beard & mustache went completely white and he doesn't have a single white hair on his head...go figure.