Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Photo Shoot

Just finished a photo shoot for a major bank. I probably mentioned it here before. Anyway, it went well. You'll probably see me on some ATMs holding a sign about mortgages or something. Who knows? Could change by the time it comes out.

I was paired up with a "crazy Korean" woman today as my wife. I told her it wasn't such a good thing to advertise these days. Truthfully, she was nuts. Very attractive, to say the least. Nice body. But as the day wore on, she became just a face with an obnoxious personality. Some people look better with time. Others? Not.

The day was cold, despite the clear skies and warm overall temperature. I think it was the gusts of chilly wind. Some of the light boxes on the shoot were getting blown over.

Before the shoot began, another "couple" had finished and I knew them. One was Gordon Lee, who used to be in my Cold Tofu class. Good guy. Playing his wife was Arlene Tai, one of the Tai twins I went on a mountaineering trek with last year. She said, "I didn't know you did this stuff!" You know, I swear I must've told her every time I saw her. Then again, I often just say I work in advertising. Modeling kinda includes that.

If you've never been on one of these shoots, it's a full-on production with makeup and wardrobe trailers, dozens of crew members doing very specific jobs, lots of lights and equipment, a panel of "clients" all offering their opinions, a few folks from the ad agency including the creative director and a couple of art directors, and the photographer.

Oh, and then there's the talent. Everyone treats the talent very well throughout the shoot. That's just how it's done. Then, when the shoot's over and the papers are signed, you're just another unemployed model.

Don't mean to sound cynical. That's just the cycle of things.

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