Monday, April 02, 2007

Beacon Hill Dude

I'm in Seattle at the moment, leaving tonight to go back to California. It's partly cloudy, 48 degrees. Excuse me, the forecast is actually "mostly sunny," though I can't tell the difference.

My folks' home is on Beacon Hill and I just spent the day cleaning up part of the house. I have this thing about old cobwebs hanging around the ceiling and walls. I just can't pass them without getting the willies. Really freaks me out. So, I vacuumed them up. Every last one I could reach or see.

Earlier, I walked down the street to Taco Time for my requisite Mexi-Fries and Crisp Beef Burrito. I know, you don't understand it, but every time I'm home, I gotta have it. After that, I walked across the street to Borrachini's Bakery for some coffee and an apple strudel for my dad.

Yesterday, my family went out for my dad's birthday at a Japanese place called Hiroshi's in the Eastlake area. It's not too shabby. Not cheap, but you get a lot of food. Service is good, too.

After the dinner, we checked out my brother and his wife's new condo at the Pan Pacific complex on 2200 Lenora. Pretty incredible view from their 11th floor 2-bedroom luxury home, and that was at night. I can imagine the day view being spectacular. There's a new Whole Foods store on the bottom floor, too.

On Saturday night, my friend and I went into Belltown for a bite at Wasabi Bistro and then later to a bar called Amber. We then walked to meet another friend at Islanders, just south of the Pike Place Market, where we had drinks, listened to some local musicians, and met the band members of the Hawaii group, Kalapana.

From there, my friend and I drove down to Four Seas Restaurant in Chinatown and shared a bottle of soju with our friend, the manager. He also brought out some fine tequila and we sipped a couple down. No, soju and tequila don't mix too well.

Of course, we couldn't end the drunkfest without a stop at Sea Garden for a bowl of noodles. I slurped down a bowl of beef brisket sui kau noodles. Delicious.

I think it was about 4 a.m. when I finally got to bed. Had some crazy dreams that night, but only one worth mentioning. Bruce Lee was giving me lessons on how to do a better impersonation of him. This isn't the first time I've had a dream of him, but the last time was about 5 years ago when I was still studying JKD pretty regularly.

We're about the same size, apparently. But he's much thinner, almost to the point of being only muscle and bones, held together by skin. We didn't hang out for very long, just a few minutes for him to give me pointers on my Cantonese accent. Apparently, that's the part he doesn't like about my impersonation the most. I guess I do more of a caricature than an impersonation. He seemed to appreciate the nuances I brought out, however, and although he didn't exactly say it, I think he was impressed.

And if you were wondering, I thought his Bruce Lee was pretty good, too.

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