Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Print Auds

Yesterday, I went to an audition for a health insurer. Today, it was for Verizon, again.

Yup, this must be my 3rd one this year for Verizon. One of them I booked and got my fitting at the W hotel, which they also paid for me to attend.

Today's audition was weird. I went in to the room with 4 other guys and we all got the typical "hold your name slate for the camera under your chin" treatment. Then the guy put us all on video.

As you may remember, I've been saying that all these print auds have been shooting video as well as stills. I'm sure there are reasons behind it, but at today's thing, they asked for our SAG status. Not sure why, but when we went on camera, they asked us to say a line two different ways. And then, with the other 4 guys, they all did the line two different ways.

Very unusual audition for a print job. Next we'll be asked to improv a scene.

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