Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Print Auds

I met a South Asian dude at a print audition the other day. He seemed pretty naive about the industry and had a million questions. Mostly, though, he was hopeful to book a commercial with a big payoff. Who knows what got him in the business, but he seemed pretty intent on booking something big.

Sort of reminds me of myself, when I was just getting my feet wet. Ah, those were the days. I didn't know any better, and so I just kept dreaming about the big payoffs. Now, that I'm a seasoned pro (yeah, right), I don't have those kind of dreams. It must've showed in my words, I suppose.

He asked how often I audition. I said a couple times a week for print, and much less often for commercials. I told him it was probably my agent, but who knows? It could be me, right?

I do know one thing. I go out a lot for print, and not so much for commercials. Go figure. Surely, must be my agent.

Today, I went out for a print aud for one of the cell phone manufacturers. This one is a worldwide buyout for 2 years. And because of that, it pays a whopping $8,500! Yeah, I liked that prospect, a lot! It sort of makes those auds at 3:00 for a measley $500 payoff seem not so bad.

So I went in, did my thing, and then went to work. Before dashing off, I picked up some freelance work across the street for one of the Hollywood unions. That kind of work is a sure thing, but it's those dreamy payoffs that make me get up a half hour earlier and primp like a teenager.

On second thought, I'm hardly any different from that South Asian guy. Just a few more years under my belt, so to speak.

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