Friday, October 06, 2006

Doggy Medicine

So I had another photo shoot. This one for a dog medication, in which I play -- what else? -- a vet. (I'd spell that out, but I'm too lazy to look the word up.)

It was a quick shoot on a Saturday afternoon. My second one with this casting/production company. The first one was for Union Bank of California, which is apparently live now. So, if you should see this Asian guy on a billboard somewhere -- oh, wait, there's a few of them. I'm the one with the glasses.

This last shoot was my first one with my new short haircut. Of course, it's been about 6 weeks now since I had a haircut. But still, I look different than I usually do. Which worried me that, maybe, I wouldn't be able to book a job.

So, this latest booking confirms one of two things: either I'm still capable of booking jobs, or I've officially become very plain. Actually, I'm hoping it's both of those.

In many of the advertising or marketing companies I've worked for, many of the pictures they use are of very plain folk, but with nice smiles, a sparkle in their eye, or a certain attractive air about them. But none of them looked like models.

No, I've never quite been model material, but I have lost jobs because I was "too good-looking" for the job. One of these was for a U.S. postman. Today, I'm pretty sure I'd book that job.

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