Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Union Job Since Being Back in Action

I got booked on an industrial video that shot last week. These are vids that are instructional in nature and used to illustrate various work and corporate situations. I've done a few for Von's and Safeway, as well as one where I was supposed to have a Chinese accent, so I donned my best Bruce Lee impersonation.

This one was for a pretty established company that sells its videos to companies on a piecemeal basis and then pays its SAG actors a small percentage of the proceeds. So yeah, there's a potential residual income involved.

How much did I get paid for the gig? It was a half-day booking for me: about $306, plus $19 for the wardrobe I brought in, and a "plus 10%" for my agent. But I was there a total of 2.5 hours, 1.5 of which I spent reading a book I brought along, just in case. Makeup took 10 minutes, changing 10 minutes. I shot for about 40 minutes, did the scene about 5 times with another person in the scene, and then the director wrapped.

At then end, just before wrapping, there was something they had to record that my AD friend called "wild sound" or "room tone." Everyone stands still with the mics hot and they record about 30 seconds. And sure enough, about 25 seconds into it, some wiseguy farts in the background. Man, I almost lost it.

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