Monday, July 14, 2008

Stock Photography Article

Slate has an article today on one of my least favorite subjects, stock photography. The story features a girl whose stock photo images were licensed 636 separate times——in one year! She's known everywhere as, well, the Everywhere Girl. She's so ubiquitous, she blogged about it.

I haven't read her entire site yet but it sounds like she has a fairly good attitude about it. She did mention the lack of royalties from the images, although at the time of the shoot, she thought she was making out pretty good for the amount of work.

I actually have a series of stock images going around right now with me and several others in hospital scrubs. I was the token Asian doctor in the group, although I can't figure out why since Asian doctors are the norm, not the exception. So far, I've seen about three different hospitals use the images. Each time, I'd take my cell phone camera and snap a photo. I think I even saw one online and did a screen capture on my Mac.

The other day, someone sent a picture of me in a BBQ scene for a Wells Fargo poster. You know, there are very few pictures of myself I'm ever proud of. And I'm not being modest either. But something tells me that in about 10 years when I'm older and fatter I'll be bragging about how I looked in those pictures.


Jen Anderson said...

hey it's the Everywhere Girl here...just wanted to let you know that it wasn't my photo Slate was talking about being licensed 636 times...that is some other photo...I do wonder how many times mine has been licensed over the 12 years it has been around though...

thanks for the write-up!

LT Goto said...

hi Everywhere Girl! i'm so honored!

sorry about the misinformation. maybe i misread the article, which i tend to do.

i look forward to reading your site and finding out all that has happened in your career since the shoot 12 years ago.

fyi, i've been to the Getty Images office on Colorado in Santa Monica and believe me, they're making money hand over fist there. beautiful office.