Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh, by the Way...

I had this major, major shit dream about a week ago. Nothing's happened yet, and I hate anticipating things. I only had one print audition, for Nokia, and also went to a callback for it. But so far, haven't heard a thing from them. Plus, if my dream was so major, I don't know how the Nokia job would fit in. It's only for about $1600.

If you're curious how my dream went, read on. If not, I'd suggest you stop now.

I was back home in Seattle, at my folk's house. The entire family was there, each in their prospective rooms. I had to use the bathroom—bad! But after checking each bathroom (there were three), none were available, so I shat in my pants.

To make things more silly, I went around to each room and showed each of my brothers, sisters and parents what I had done, and they were—get this—pleased!

Right after that, I woke up, checked my underwear and ran to the bathroom. Nope, I hadn't shat in my underwear—in real life. Just in my dream.

And as you know, I absolutely don't mind when that happens.

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