Friday, July 21, 2006

That Guy from Matrix II

Hey, that guy from Matrix II came into our office for the print job casting. Which guy, you ask? Not Keanu, of course. It was that Asian guy who protects the Oracle. Yeah, him! He was cool. Glasses, the traditional outfit, the cool demeanor.

He came in with his wife, who is a model, and their two kids. Collin is his name, I think. He doesn't wear glasses, by the way. And his wife is beautiful and very tall. Apparently, she's very famous in Hong Kong, too.

Other than that, I saw a lot of people who I usually see at auditions. But there was one guy who came in who never acknowledges me when I see him: Chris Tashima. I used to think he was just a loner or shy. But I'm starting to think he's a stuck-up dick. Saw the movie he was just in: "Americanese," which is an adaptation of "American Knees," by Shawn Wong.

The movie was kind of dull. To some, this is typical Eric Byler style. Someone who knows his work intimately, by the way, called his style: "miniaturist." Eric calls it "realist." I'd say it's humanistic, but not necessarily realistic.

Anyway, the script was dull, and Chris Tashima made it all the more duller. I don't know what Byler expected with Chris, but if it was a boring performance, he certainly got it.

The book version, by the way, is way better than the movie version. Go buy the book. I highly recommend it.

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