Friday, July 11, 2014

An Asian in Hollywood...Comes Back!

It's been years—years, I say!—since I've updated this site. What can I say? I've been a little busy: changed jobs, changed jobs again, managed to book a job without auditioning, and, uh, one more thing. What was it? Oh yeah, my wife and I gave birth to a daughter a couple years ago. Here's the evidence.

She's a sassy little one, and a natural poser. I'm a little afraid she'll want to enter the biz one day, because she practices her craft on her family every day! She loves to gain our sympathy by pretending to fall on the ground and say "apo," which I think is Korean for "ouch." Put a pair of sunglasses on her and a bag on her arm, she's acting like a little socialite on Rodeo Drive.

My wife often wonders if she's actually as cute as we think, or if it's just because she's our daughter. I think both. But she does have this evolving persona inside of her that is just captivating. Complete strangers always come up to her grandparents and make comments while they're out shopping or playing. I once chewed out a douchebag at Ikea for taking a photo of her. He tried to deny it but when I told him I was going to call security, I saw him delete it while still pretending he had done nothing wrong.

In the photo on top, by the way, I'm wearing one of my latest wooden sunglass purchases. I'll soon update my post on this obsession of mine that never seems to fade. I can never buy enough wooden sunglasses because I can never stop breaking or losing them. I'm like the perfect customer for such a thing because I keep coming back for more! It's like toilet paper for me.

I'll also post some of the foodie trips I've taken: French Laundry in Napa Valley, Addison in San Diego, Totoraku in L.A., and maybe a couple of places in Seattle. Plus I'll talk about some of the hotels we stayed in.

Oh, as far as my little foray back into acting, I did a one-day shoot on an industrial video for a company called LRN. Didn't even have to audition for it. My old agent called me and said this company wanted to use me for something. Nice of them to do that. (Thanks, BBA Talent Agency!) I played a company boss who has no clue about proper hiring practices. The woman who plays the human resources director may be familiar to you. Take a look, she's on the left:

Very nice lady and an overly qualified actor to my hack performance. I wasn't even off book yet and then we started shooting the scenes. But instead of breaking the scene into parts, the director wanted us to shoot the whole scene through. It was seriously a miracle how the words managed to come out of my mouth.

The young pregnant lady in the middle played a pregnant fairy, a fact of which I point out to the HR director. She immediately chides me for it. Both of them have been in a number of guest spots on TV series, but the HR lady is none other than Veronica Mars' mother, from the TV series. I never watched the series, starring Kristen Bell, but it was so popular with fans a successful Kickstarter campaign managed to crowdfund a 2014 movie release of the same name.

A friend of mine who works for a talent agency sent me out on a couple auditions this year for the specific role of a samurai. I once studied a stage form of samurai called ta-te and I'm decent enough with the katas to look like I know what I'm doing with a katana. Maybe not decent enough, however, as I didn't even get a callback for either audition. It sure was fun, though, dusting off the old wooden swords and putting on my kendo gi. Kinda changes up your daily routine a bit.

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